Sage DXL Typhoon Bag: Large And In Charge

Have you ever tried to stuff 10 pounds of crap into a 5 pound sack?  Well I do it almost every day out on the water.  I am the type of guide that carries every fly everywhere because you just never know what the day may bring, and I may have just found a bag that can hold all my crap plus your crap and maybe even a little bit of your weird buddies crap to.  We just got our hands on the new Sage DXL Typhoon Bag (the big daddy not to be confused with the itty bitty), for the first issues gear review, and we are about as impressed as one can be with a bag (I mean it is a bag after all, not one of those fancy self-cleaning European Porta-Johns).  Upon first look, the folks at Sage spent some time thinking on this one and it shows.  The bag is highly water-resistant in the main compartment with the normal waterproof zip closures you’d see on the Simms Dry Creek bags but Sage has added a magnetic storm flap over the zipper to beef up the most likely spots for water intrusion.  What makes this bag stand out from everything thing else we’ve seen out on the market is the separate submersible compartment that sports a zipper beefy enough, that I wouldn’t be opening and closing it around any vulnerable appendages…if you know what I mean.  The submersible compartment is big enough to hold anything you absolutely don’t want getting wet…camera…keys…phone…a vertically challenged individual…all of it.  Sage also put plenty of other nice amenities into this bag like a ton of pockets to separate out your separables, a comfy thick hip belt, and bottom compression straps that will carry an extra rod tube or a jacket.  We’ll be putting this bag through the proverbial meat grinder over the next couple of months so be sure to check the Spring Preview Issue for the full review.

– Dave

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