Friday Strange

Not really related to the fishing world, but just too weird not to mention.  Caught this story in the Wall Street Journal yesterday.  Kind of makes me want to move to California…I’ve never shot a zebra…I wonder where I could find a rich guy in North Carolina with a Giraffe worth harvesting?

3 escaped zebras shot near Hearst Ranch

CAMBRIA, Calif., Jan. 13 (UPI) — A California rancher says he shot two zebras that escaped from the Hearst Ranch because they were spooking his horses.

One of Dave Fiscalini’s neighbors in Cambria shot the third zebra last week, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Many other residents were upset by the killings. Fiscalini called a taxidermist about preserving one zebra’s hide.

“He wants to make a rug,” said Rosemary Anderson, the taxidermist’s wife, told the Times. “You can’t believe the controversy.”

Read more:

– Dave

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