Remembering The Warmth Of The Good Old Days…Last week

This is day three of, “The Grossman Family Snowbound Experiments 2010”. I am happy to report that none of us have resorted to cannibalism…yet (is it weird that every time I look at the dog I see a cartoon T-Bone?). It looks like the next time I get to go fishing may be spring, as I don’t foresee my meteorologically imposed incarceration ending anytime soon, so I am now forced to relive the glory days of last week. Those were the good old days…the roads were clear, I could pee outside without worrying about frostbite, and I actually got out to fish. Well, to be more accurate I got to row Steve around on his birthday and play the guide to his sport. What can I say? I am not a rich man and the gorilla suit I wanted to get him was a little out of my budget this year. There was just about as good of a midge hatch that any over the hill birthday boy can hope for. We didn’t catch any monsters but somehow did manage to snatch a killer dry fly day right out of old man winter’s back pocket. Even though it was his birthday, I cajoled him into to taking some pics, as we are starting to assemble winter photos that will be in next year’s issue. And as per usual, here are some photos that probably won’t make the magazine but can be filed under “PR” for “Pretty Rad” (That’s right in front of “PS” for “Phat Shizznit”).

– Dave

5 thoughts on “Remembering The Warmth Of The Good Old Days…Last week

    • We must be looking out different windows because I got plenty of the white stuff as far as the eye can see. I appreciate the kind words and will definitely check out the Average Joe.

  1. Diggin’ the “PR” shots and look at the bright side… at least you know your in a state of delirium. Before I realized it, I had already cannibalized the neighbors cat (“smelles’ like fish, but it tastes’ like chicken”). Warm weather couldn’t arrive soon enough!

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