Monday Morning Cartoon: SCOF Original

So I am snowed in again here in WNC.  I am pretty sure that I am not getting off the mountain for a few days so expect my ramblings to progressively devolve until the end of the week when I will most likely just be writing out grunts and fart noises.  “Snowed in” has become a pretty constant state of affairs around here, but last week I was able to get out and about for a couple of days, which I promptly spent stooped over Steve’s laptop creating the fine piece of SCOF original film noir I present here today (looking back I probably should have cut some more firewood, but in the end that is the sacrifice we here at SCOF make for hilarity).  The language is a little more salty than you would find in a typical episode of The Smurfs, (I did hear Gargamel cussed like a sailor off camera though) but in our defense, we have absolutely no control over what the cartoon character versions of ourselves do or say…those guys are a couple of real assholes.  So without further ado, enjoy our little fly fishing anime project and expect more of these little nuggets of funny in the weeks and months to come.  Oh yeah, and if anybody has a copy of The Shining they want to lend me, I am developing an uncontrollable urge to watch that movie over, and over, and over, and over, and over…

From high atop the hill that never thaws,


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