Free Crap Friday

UPDATE:  Never underestimate the power of free crap folks.  We really appreciate the overwhelming response, but we have officially run out of stickers.  We are sending out the remaining ones within the next couple of days based on the order folks signed up.  Once again we really appreciate every one that stopped by the blog and checked it out and we hope that you will continue to visit our blog and website as we update the content on a regular basis and will be having another giveaway just as soon as I sell off a couple more pints of blood to pay for the printing costs.  Thanks again….Dave.

Steve and I are like 7th grade girls when it comes to stickers.  We collect them, we stick them places, and then envy other people’s cool stickers we don’t have…it’s all very juvenile according to our wives and children. When you get right down to it, the only reason we started this journey toward fly fishing media heroes status was so we had an excuse to make stickers. We just got in our first shipment of sticky-backed rectangles from heaven and we want to share. So here’s the deal: send us an email at,, with your name and address and we will send you a sticker.  It’s easier than getting a venereal disease in Thailand folks, and if I remember correctly, that was really easy.  What makes our free sticker giveaway loco, is that for a limited time when you sign up to receive one sticker we are going to send you a second sticker at no additional cost.  That’s right ladies and gentleman: two stickers for the price of one…and the price of one is free. We have absolutely lost our minds down here at SCOF’s 72 Hour “We are Going Insane” Sticker Sale.  Just sign up soon because at these prices stickers are literally flying out the door (insert maniacal infomercial host laugh here).


– Dave

17 thoughts on “Free Crap Friday

    • Sorry, we are truly out of stickers in the most literal sense of the phrase. We will get another batch printed soon and have another giveaway. So check back with us.

    • Sorry Brian, we have officially run out of stickers but we are getting more printed up and will have another giveaway so keep checking in with us.

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