A Minor Announcement Of Major Importance

Just so people don’t think we here at SCOF are sitting around on our collective asses, I am happy to announce that through  a little bit of bribery, strong arming, and  a whole lot of spooning we can introduce J.E.B. Hall as our newest feature contributor. You might recognize J.E.B. from such educational films as, Walleye Fishing Tips From The Walleye Experts

or, Filling the Tip Pool

We think he might have written a book or something as well, but that is all just rumor and conjecture. Welcome aboard J.E.B. try to keep the professionalism to a minimum.

– dave

One thought on “A Minor Announcement Of Major Importance

  1. If you can legally use live bait, don\\\’t forget to try a jig and minnow or jig and worm or jig and leech. Not only do the walleyes love them, but if you get hung up on the bottom, losing your lure isn\\\’t as big of a deal.

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