Something Is Rotten In The State of Georgia…And It’s Not Ted Turner

SCOF’s Georgia ambassador Capt. Kent Klewein (Reel Job Fishing)  has brought to our attention a situation on the Toccoa River that proves once again the folks that run our tailwaters don’t give two shits about the fish in those rivers or the men and women that rely on those rivers for their livelihood. Blue Ridge Lake (which feeds the Toccoa) has been drawn down to levels that are better suited for mud hut building than fishing. As you might have guessed, the trout and those that chase them will be the real losers in this whole deal because as of right now, the TVA and the Georgia DNR will not make any promises for recovery efforts or guarantee special harvest regulations to support the recovery when needed.  The Toccoa has always been a good river to my friends and I, but with responsible harvest policies, the river could truly be one of the finest trophy trout tailwaters in the South.    If you live or fish in Georgia and care about the Toccoa, the time for action is now. As for me, I have just been waiting for a good reason to throw a hissy fit at the TVA’s expense. Here is a link to Kent’s Blog Post about the most recent meeting and what you can do to make a difference in changing the Georgia DNR’s antiquated harvest policies for the Toccoa.


Railing Against The Man Starts Here (Click the Fishy)


Power to The Fish, and vive la resistance,


2 thoughts on “Something Is Rotten In The State of Georgia…And It’s Not Ted Turner

  1. Dave,

    How great of you to shed light on this important issue we’re dealing with down here on the Toccoa River. I really appreciate you devoting a small section of your killer blog to open the conversation and spread the word on this subject. I can’t agree with you more about the great trout opportunities we would have on the Toccoa River if we could get some specail regulations (slot-limit) and a suitable harvest plan to promote a trophy fishery.

    I’ll be floating the river soon, possibly next week and will fill you in on what I find out. I look forward to following your blog and even more to fishing with you down the road shortly. Call me anytime, and we’ll wet some oars and flies.

    Regards Bro,

    Kent Klewein

    • Kent,

      you know I got a special place in my heart for tail waters and the Toccoa could be a great one. Hope you guys down there can come up with something to recover from the horrible state of affairs you currently find yourselves in. Power to the fish my friend…power to the fish.

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