Between guiding, family,and every other obligation society can pile on my back like a pack mule I can’t spend 12 hour days on my favorite tail waters three times a week like I used to.  I still get out more than most but recently I have been trying to find a river close to home that would be more appropriate for nooner fishing. “What is nooner fishing?”  you may ask.  Well it is not trolling for strange at your local bait shop like the phrase might suggest (although let me state here that there is no finer strange then bait shop strange…at least that’s what the kids say).  Nooner fishing is sneaking out to a river close enough to home that you are not gone half the day but can actually get an hour and a half session in on the water without having to pay for it in blood and flesh.  I mean you love your family but everybody needs a little action on the side.  Mine just happens to be a skinny little thing less then twenty minutes from the house.

– dave

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