Welcome To The South

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The grass is always greener. This is a concept I am familiar with. I have spent most of my adult life operating on this principle. That hole upstream, that next hot fishing location, that river out west I have heard so much about, these things are what drove me and kept me up at night. I was not alone in my quest for the other side of the mountain, our country was founded and made great on this principle of wanderlust. In recent years though, a new movement has made it’s way into the public’s general vernacular, Keep it Local. Where I call home, the Keep it Local movement drives peoples social, dietary, and economic habits and now I propose we in the South let it start guiding our fishing habits. In the South we have more water then any of us can fish in a lifetime. You can start a three day road trip in the mountains fishing for trout, head to the Piedmont for some top water bass action the next day, and finish the trip on the coast fishing to tailing reds in the grass, all while spending no more then 12 hours in the car. It’s not only the amount of water we have in the South but the beautiful places that water happens to reside. You always here the east coast is in urban wasteland, well while we don’t have the wild vast expanses of the Rocky Mountains, for those willing to look, we do have places that will rival anything in the Rockies for wildness and beauty. So instead of buying into the national fly fishing media’s long standing position of there isn’t anything worth taking a picture of or writing about east of the Mississippi, I have decided to start this website as well as a future online magazine celebrating exactly what we got here right in front of us. The website will be updated often and the first issue of the magazine will be out Fall of 2011. Until then grab a PBR from the fridge pull up the couch and check back with us constantly because all we do here is what matters to y’all.

Your Hapless Guide,


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