Attn: Fly Fishing Film Fans


The Orvis Down The Hatch Film Festival is returning to Raleigh next week. Take a look below for more information on the event, how to buy your tickets, and the raffle prizes that will be given away.

You may or may not know this, but the Down the Hatch film festival our way! This film festival is a great time to get together, celebrate, and help take care of our local waters. (The proceeds of the ticket sales will be given to the Upper Neuse Riverkeepers.) We are hosting the event at The Point, for our pre-party, and then moving to the Rialto Theatre next door, for the viewing of the films. We think this is something that your clientele would be interested in and would appreciate your help getting word out via email. Attached are the graphics for an email send, and the link to sign up is listed below. Also, to make an email send easier we have provided bullet points for the event.


  • The Down the Hatch film festival – Wednesday October 26th.
    • Pre-party starts at 6:00 P.M. and the films begin at 7:00.
  • Ticket prices are $30 and include complementary food and Sweetwater beer from The Point during the pre-party.
    • With purchase of a ticket, you are automatically entered to win prizes: gear, coolers, and guided trips.
    • The grand prize is a custom made H2 fly rod (MSRP at $800)!
  • Prizes will be announced at intermission during the films.


Thank you again for your continued partnership with the Orvis Raleigh store and we hope to see you at The Point for some beer, food, and films.


Below is the link to sign up for the event to be placed in the email.

Drew’s At It Again


I’ve thought for a few years that Drew Chicone’s book Feather Brain should be in the library of every fly tyer. Now, he’s put out a new one. I think Baby Tarpon Flies will find a similar place on your shelves.

The classic and contemporary baby tarpon patterns included in this book have proven effective in a number of different conditions and fishing scenarios. Baby Tarpon Flies contains detailed step-by-step instructions for tying Lefty Kreh’s Deceiver, Flip Pallot’s Prince of Tides, and Chicone’s: Coyote Disco Shrimp, Peppermint Punisher, M.I.A. Anchovy, and Micro Mangrove Cannibal, 6 proven patterns for catching baby tarpon. This is a 189-page paperback, illustrated with ultra-hi resolution images.

Rethinking Carp


Head over to Gink and Gasoline for a great little piece on carp. They’ve been called Golden Bonefish (or Hillbilly Bonefish around here) for a long time, and I agree that the name doesn’t fit. For the last few years, bonefish have been at the top of my favorites list, but the opportunities to catch them are hardly frequent. And even though I’m just four short hours from the Lowcountry, redfish don’t happen as often as I’d like. However, just about everyone can find some carp within an hour of their home, and they present a challenge very distinct from the bones and reds to which they are often compared.

If you haven’t yet, give ’em a shot.

Updates From The Islands


We will know more about the impact of Hurricane Matthew on the coastal areas of our southern states over the next day or two. At this point, however, some news is starting to come out of the islands. We know that Haiti is once again facing a humanitarian disaster, and I encourage all of you to find at least  couple dollars in your pocket to send to a trustworthy charity.

The crew over at Yellow Dog Fly Fishing have posted a few updates from their network of lodges throughout the Bahamas. It looks like the damage is worst in the populated areas of Nassau and the western end of Grand Bahama. If this is an area about which you care, keep checking in with the Yellow Dog updates. I’m sure they’ll continue to bring news as their lodges and guides check in.


This Is Cool


Brook trout prime time is wrapping up here in the mountains, and I’ve been thinking back over what has been a strange summer. We didn’t have water, we had too much water, and we don’t have water. Still, the fish were there; they always are. I came across the video above, and I like the image it conveys. They aren’t big fish, but they are as pretty as the rivers in which they live.

One Last Dance


See, I draw you in with a Swayze reference. You know my favorite line from that movie? When he turns to his lovely costar and asks her what she’s doing tomorrow night. “Why, I’m going to SCOF Mystery Movie night,”she says. “Aren’t you?”

True story. Sort of.

Tomorrow night marks the final installment of our Summer Mystery Movie Series. We’ll kick off the double feature a little after dark, but feel free to come by an hour or two before. There’s a cash bar on site, and the food truck that will be there is almost worth the trip on its own. To wrap things up the right way, we’ll be raffling off a TFO Mangrove along with a Cheeky reel and an SA line to benefit the French Broad Riverkeeper. Finally, the crew from Flood Tide Co. will be making the trip up from the Lowcountry.

See you there, homeys.

What’s Caught Your Eye?


There have been a lot of new products released in the last year, and most of them were highlighted at IFTD. While they aren’t all on the market just yet, I’m curious to hear what you are most excited about. Is it Scientific Anglers’ new graduated density sinking lines? Orvis’s made in the USA Mirage? The Sage X or the Ross Colorado?

For me, a few things stand out. The first is the Orvis Hydros SL reel. I have a few, and I’ve been pleased with them on everything from brook trout to bonefish. Also, Tacky Fly boxes have found a lasting place in my pack. They are as solid as they feel, and the four or five I have now just don’t feel like enough.

So, what’s done it for you this year?

Movin’ On Up: The Intern Edition


As you may remember, Alan won the 2015 IFTD Best of Show – Freshwater Fly Pattern with fly shown above, Broyhill’s Jackknife. Now, from the crew at Flymen Fishing Company, we have the press release shown below. Well done, Alan.

Flymen Fishing Co. & Fulling Mill launch award-winning fly – Broyhill’s Jackknife.

Brevard, NC, USA – September 21, 2016. Flymen Fishing Company announced the highly anticipated launch of Broyhill’s Jackknife, which won Best of Show – Freshwater Fly Pattern at the 2015 International Fly Tackle Dealer Show in Orlando, Florida.

“When most people think of musky and other predator fishing, they think of heavy flies and sore shoulders,” said Alan Broyhill, designer of Broyhill’s Jackknife and 2015 winner of The Southern Classic Hardly, Strictly Musky tournament.

“The Jackknife design was focused on creating a solid all-rounder big-game streamer with the kick-around action that predators crave, then making that fly as light as possible so anyone can cast it all day.”

The design incorporates the Flymen Big-Game Fly Solution, which is a combination of a Fish-Skull® Fish-Mask, Living Eyes, Big Game Shanks, and Body Tubing.

It’s currently available in 3/0 and 6/0 sizes and Purple/Black, Rainbow Trout, and Red/White color combinations.

Broyhill’s Jackknife is tied in the T-Bone style, which is a style of articulated big-game flies created and popularized by American fly tyer Blane Chocklett. Chocklett is also well-known for pioneering the Game Changer style of streamer tying, which uses Fish-Skull® Articulated Fish-Spines to achieve animated ultra-lifelike motion.

The fly is produced by Fulling Mill, a British commercial fly tying company with worldwide distribution.

“Members of our dealer program and their success are important to us,” said Martin Bawden, founder and head product designer of Flymen Fishing Company. “We’re connecting our dealers who want to carry Broyhill’s Jackknife with Fulling Mill to make sure they can provide their customers with this exciting streamer pattern.”

Broyhill’s Jackknife is available on Flymen Fishing Company’s website, Fulling Mill’s website, and through Fulling Mill dealers worldwide.